Guided meditation describes a practice of meditation that is led by a teacher, therapist by audio or video. The goal is to help you achieve relaxation or build positive emotions. Learning to meditate can be difficult on your own. With the guide, they can provide images, or help you use your senses to picture calming and positive evoking emotions to bring you mind and body to rest. We have chosen imagery and concepts that will bring you peace. They are by topic and can be for various things: to relax, feel better, achieve a goal, relax body and muscles, let go of difficult emotions, move through tough times, or invoke positive feelings in your mind, heart, and body. Please explore the topics we have and give it a try.

We recommend sitting or lying in a comfortable, quiet place when doing meditations. Many people believe they have to achieve this master level of meditation and quiet to achieve the benefit. The good news is- that s not true. Just listening (even if you get distracted or your mind is wandering) is still beneficial. The meditation is speaking to you subconscious and repeated listening can create change. Do not be deterred by the wandering mind! That is a part of being human. Instead notice that your mind wandered, be ok with it, and go back to listening. And just keep doing that. Trust that the message will reach your body, mind, and heart.


Practicing mediation can give you a sense of calm, balance, and peace. It can also be used to build motivation or let go of unwanted emotions. The benefits are endless. When you meditate, you create a quiet space that may help clear away the built up stress of the day and your life.

According to the Mayo clinic, the emotional benefits can include:

There is also continued research showing that mediation may have health benefits as well in things such as managing depression, anxiety, headaches, chronic pain, blood pressure and many more. Allowing your mind and body to feel calm has many positive effects on the body.

Another important possible benefit is increasing motivation or increasing performance. Many people use guided imagery to help them in sports, achieve success, or be at their peak performance. It can be used to help you let go of emotions that keep you stuck or build motivation to move you forward. Give it a try!