Our resource section is here to help you get general information on mental health and overall wellness. This will include information on what strategies you can use to get better, when to see a therapist, possible referrals, and topics that will cover your health. We will add new resources regularly. Information from guest colleagues or any Information, product or referral that may be helpful will be placed here. Check it out! We hope this helps you on the journey to being your best self.


We all get stuck or have moments of being unwell. These are some main steps to take to get started. Please try these, share these and understand these are meant to be simple and doable steps to create a path to wellness. There is no order of importance, they are all equally important. You are worth it and can find a path that helps you feel better.


Having a baby is a huge transformation. Being a mom changes you, it changes your view. The world can sometimes feel more dangerous now. There are noises, germs, people coughing. Everything seems a little scary with such a fragile being to protect. This is a message I have been wanting to share, this is a message I wish I had when I first had my baby.