Please check out our options that we offer to help you reach your goals.


One on one support via telehealth, phone, or text message. This is designed to be short term help and a more coaching style than traditional therapy. Calls will be about 30 minutes and may incorporate text and email. This method is great for relationship issues, parenting concerns, career concerns, health concerns, transitions, wanting to find happiness, be your best self, dating help, and more. What makes this unique is that there is help with your issue and support through the process rather than the 1 hour traditional support therapy method. You will have more support, feel empowered, and gain skills on your journey.

This type of therapy is good for individuals who are busy or short on time, want to ask quick questions and get help. This type of service will not be helpful to explore past history or trauma (traditional type therapy is recommended for that). Please call us to see if this service will suit your needs. We can help assess your needs and set you up to speak to one of us. If we feel you need more than this type of coaching, we will help refer you to a colleague and find you what you need.

Cost: $80 per 30 minutes

(time can often be split with calls and emails)



Ask a therapist text and email option is a convenient and solution focused method of getting some guidance or support. This feature is for someone who has a quick question or needs some guidance, encouragement, or support. For instance, if you are unsure of how to phrase your feelings to a boss or coworker, or you want to confront your partner about something but need guidance on how to express yourself, or need a little encouragement regarding an issue, or even want to know if you should seek therapy. This feature is for concerns or questions that can be explained by email or text chat in a quick manner. Ask a therapist is also good if you want to learn about therapy or want a recommendation for coping skills. It is also good for current patients of ours who have a quick question or concern.

Ask a therapist is:
– A quick place to get advice or help for situations that are not immediate
– A place you can ask a question about therapy or it’s process
– Clarify a matter from a previous session
– Ask for phrasing on expression of feelings/concerns
– Help with referrals

Ask a therapist is not:
– Replacement for traditional therapy
– Help for suicidal thoughts
– Support for severe depression or anxiety
– A place for deep exploration

Cost: $25

(per topic or question covered via text or email)

Contact us: (808) 542-4131 or email at to set up payment method and ask your question.


A regularly scheduled women’s group that empowers women and teaches self care. It is a mini spa for the mind and body.

So many of us long for a retreat or a getaway. A place where we can treat ourselves to good things or learn new healthy skills, get away from the tasks of life. The problem is we cannot get away for a long retreat or we cannot afford one! This group will make it possible to have short segments of a retreat regularly.

Each group session you will be treated to a mini spa for your soul. You will have movement (yoga, stretching), a meditation or visualization session, and a life lesson that will encourage you to be your best self. It is time you took a moment to learn new skills and take care of yourself!

Meetings are done on an online platform such as zoom.

Cost: $25 per session

Contact us at (808) 542-4131 to sign up. We will do a quick chat to make sure this group is a good fit for you.